5 Cool Places to Stay in Baler

When it comes to accommodations, Baler has a lot to provide from special lodging to a high-end resort. But I made a list here that will surely make your visit extra noteworthy and at the same time won’t tear down your pocket. Price may vary from minimal to mid-range but always remember solo traveler will always need to consider a bigger budget. Each accommodation has its own special trademark that you may enjoy and find it chic.

    • Barangay Sabang, Baler
    • (02) 404-4784 Manila / (047) 252-9978 Subic /  Fax 857-2600 / Smart Number  09192863105
    • Price range: Php1600 (2 persons) to Php3000 (4 persons)
    • www.baylerview.com
    • with Facebook Account
    • Charlie’s Point, Reserva, Baler
    • 09167677971 Globe / email add: bookings@myeasyadventure.com
    • Price Range: Php2300 to Php5000
    • With Facebook Account and Instagram: easyadventure
    • Sabang Beach, Baler
    • 09296112607
    • Price range: Php1200 (1 person) to Php5500 (8persons)
    • With Facebook Account

You may check my post Best of Baler” to get directions here. If you arrive in the morning and early check-in is not possible, you may ask the staff if you could leave your luggage in the reception and come back at 2pm for check-in procedure. You may spend your time exploring some interesting spots near the place to maximize your visit.

If you know some other cool places to stay in Baler, Aurora, I’d love to read it on the comment section. 🙂 


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