8 Affordable Accommodations in San Fernando, La Union

One of the main reasons why tourists visit La Union is because of the big fierce waves which make them choose hotels closer to the beach that are mainly located in San Juan (30-minute travel time from the city plaza). However, if you decide to just stay overnight within San Fernando, there are several accommodations that offer very competitive rates which start from Php1000 per night per person if you are traveling alone but it could get as low as Php375 to Php600 per person per night if you have traveling buddies. Not bad at all!

    • Lucina Building, Catbangen, Mabini St., San Fernando
    • (072)603-1095 / (072)603-2095 / fax (072)888-7817 / 09272115780 Globe or Touch Mobile
    • www.hotelalmira.ph / info@hotelalmira.ph / almirahotel@yahoo.com.ph
    • Price range: Php1000 (2persons) to Php2200 (5persons)
    • With Facebook Account
    • Francisco Ortega Highway, San Fernando
    • (072)888-3411 / (072)888-3412 / (072)607-4060 / telefax (072)888-2369
    • www.seaparkbeachresort.com / sea_parkbeachresort@yahoo.com
    • Price range: Php1500 (2-4 persons) to Php6000 (6 persons)
    • Pirok 4, Canaoay West, San Fernando
    • (072)607-9500
    • www.bluemarlinresort.com / launionbluemarlinresort@gmail.com
    • Price range: Php3900 (2 persons) to Php5500 (4 persons)
    • Rooms can be reserved through www.booking.com
    • Pagdaraoan, San Fernando
    • (072)842-5579 up to 82 / Smart or Talk N Text 09127277407 / Globe or Touch Mobile 09276486770
    • Price range: Php1075 (1 person) to Php2350 (6 persons)
    • With Facebook Account
    • Quezon Avenue, San Fernando
    • (072)700-5737
    • Price range Php1300 (2 persons) to Php4300 (4 persons)
    • With Facebook Account and you can reserve through www.agoda.com
  • Sunset Bay Beach Resort
    • Canaoay Community School, Airport Rd, San Fernando
    • (072)607-5907
    • admin@sunsetbayphilippines.com / www.sunsetbayphilippines.com
    • Price range: Php2300 (2 persons) to Php4400 (4 persons)
  • California Bay Village Resort & Spa
    • Barangay Pagudpud, San Fernando
    • (072)607-6358 / Globe 09178673871
    • Price range: Php1500 (3 persons) to Php3500 (6-7 persons)
    • With Facebook Account

Please note these rates are subject to change without prior notice and it’s always better to book ahead of time instead of doing walk-in. Just incase you want to have a Santorini-like experience during your La Union get away, I included here the details of Thunderbird Resort Poro Point.

You may check my post “2-Hour Tour of San Fernando, La Union” to get directions how to get here in San Fernando. If you arrive in the morning and early check-in is not possible, you may ask the hotel staff if you could leave your luggage in the reception and come back at 2pm for check-in procedure. You may spend your time exploring the city to maximize your visit.


If you know cool places to stay in San Fernando, La Union, I’d like to hear it on the comment section. 🙂 


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