Beach Camping in Bagac Bataan

If you are looking for an out-of-town adventure near Metro Manila with 2-3 hours travel time, Bataan would be one of good options you would have on your plate. And if beach camping is your thing, Stella Mariz Beach Resort in Bagac is one of the targets to hit!

Bagac is 148 km away from Metro Manila and this is the biggest municipality in the province of Bataan. Aside from the other tourist spots here, beach would probably be one of the cool interests Bagac could offer.

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This beach was actually my last stop for my Bataan escapade. So, after an exhausting but fun museum tour in Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar, I instantly searched for a trike that would bring me to Stella Mariz Beach Resort.

Within 10 minutes I reached the place, the trike driver dropped me off to a mini store where I registered and paid Php40 to Ms. Delia, she’s the one in-charge here. She told me to just choose a spot where I could pitch my tent except the left side of the resort because it was reserved for a group booking the next day. I noticed that most campers here pitched their tents alongside the trees. I set up mine like 10-15 meters away from the common site near the shore so it would be more peaceful. At 6:00 P.M., a beach personnel would rove around the area, check the people and those like me who camp a little far away would be asked to sign a waiver. (that says it is my choice to camp at this particular spot). šŸ™‚

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I was really tired, my itinerary for the whole day was completely jam packed. I just went swimming for few minutes, enjoyed the beautiful sunset inside my tent and then slept finally.

The next morning, all I did was strolling and made my way to the rightmost end of the coast. Jumped in to some big rocks and discovered another beach which is called Looc by the locals. You may check my post “The Colors of Looc Beach” for details and photos.

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Honestly, there are more beautiful beaches in Bataan however what I love about this place are the several nature attractions you could gaze like the long black beach which is good for strolling, some rock formations, the gorgeous view of the mountains, the tree line where campers pitch their tent, I was also amazed about a river here where it meets the sea water.

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Stella Mariz Beach Resort could get crowded even though it’s not holiday or summer due to group reservation which I already witnessed, I suggest you could contact Ms. Delia (09994382963) about the best date to pay a good visit for a solo or small group of travellers. I also hope that the management would give attention about maintaining the cleanliness of the resort most specifically the junks near the shore. šŸ™‚

Other places to visit in Bagac:

  1. Looc Beach
  2. Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar
  3. Philippine-Japanese Friendship Tower
  4. Limutan or Ambon Ambon Falls
  5. St. Catherine Of Alexandria Parish

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How did I get here?

Ride a bus going to Bataan and alight to Balanga Central Terminal (Php200). Transfer to a jeep going to Bagac and tell the driver to drop you off to Bagac Town Proper (Php47). Rent a trike going to Stella Mariz Beach Resort (Php100).

Bus companies plying to Bataan:

  1. Victory Liner (
  2. Bataan Transit (
  3. Genesis Transport (


If you have the same get-away, share it on the comment section.



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