Mulanay: Home of the Mocha Brown Beach


I didn’t know much about Mulanay, I just remember a movie was titled after this place. This visit was just my side trip when I went to Alibijaban Island in Quezon Province. So, I thought I needed to make some research and that was the only time I found interesting facts about Mulanay.

First thing, I read that Mulanay is one of the oldest towns in the Philippines and  its name was originated from the word “Malunay” which means “plenty of lunay”. Lunay is a local term for pili wax which is very bountiful in this area. I picked this town because they have a lovely mocha brown beach that I haven’t come across in my entire life. Also, I thought this is very close to Alibijiban Island which would make my travel easier and faster but fortunately I faced some challenging events (hahaha) that made my trip more exciting!

As exactly 3:00 AM, I was already at Lucena Bus Terminal and I realized I was too early. I immediately looked for a bus plying to Mulanay but what I found was a van. The barter guy said, the van would be leaving in few minutes so I jumped in! Once in awhile I took some naps and due sleepiness I didn’t notice it was already 6:00 AM and the van was still parked at Lucena Bus Terminal (hahaha), still waiting for some passengers (hahaha). The sun was already up and I had the best opportunity for a good sightseeing from the window (wooh!)

On our way, the first 1 hour was pretty good and smooth but then suddenly our vehicle just had issues with its breaker which made us stopped and waited for another van to come and get us. So, the expected 2-hour travel time turned to 4-hour drive (hahaha). At 10:00 A.M. I reached Mulanay, thanks to God and to the passenger who kept me accompanied! 🙂

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam

This beach is part of Barangay Sta. Rosa and its port serves as the harbor to the town of San Francisco Quezon and province of Marinduque. What I like about this beach is the shade of the sand which is resembling to mocha brown even though it’s not so fine it looks pretty fair. There are wavy patterns on the shore which are more visible during low tide. Honestly, I was surprised about the place, it’s spread out and the scattered boats on the shore are striking.

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam

When you are doing beach combing in the afternoon, be observant because when high tide takes place there are channels or courses that will not be passable anymore until the tide descends. What happened to me was I was busy with my camera and made friends with some local girls I met, I didn’t notice it was already high tide and the path on my way back to the port was already obstructed so I rented a small boat just to cross a 25-meter stretch of sea water (hahaha).

Since this was just a side trip, I only spent 4-5 hours here. An enough time to take photos, enjoy the beach, talk and mingle with the locals. Going back was pretty much easy, I walked back to the church and from there I took a trike going to Mulanay Town Proper. That’s where I waited the San Andres Bus for 2 hours (hahaha) going to Alibijaban Island. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my visit and my travel here was really an experience. (hahaha)

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam

Where to stay?

I asked the locals if tent pitching is allowed, they said yes and it’s for free since this is a public beach. However there’s mini hotel which is close by, Kamhantik Hotel (Aguirre Center Rizal St., Corner San Carlos, Poblacion IV, Mulanay), rates are ranging from Php1500 to Php1900 per night. For inquiries you contact this number 09088144945.

Other places to visit in Mulanay:

  1. Mangrove’s Forest
  2. Kamhantik Archeological Site
  3. Magallanes Ancestral House
  4. Amuguis Falls
  5. St. Peter The Apostles Parish

You may contact Mulanay Tourism Officer Sonny Cortez for inquiries 09398283735.

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How did I get here?

Ride a Bus in Cubao heading to Lucena Bus Terminal (Php200-3hours). Transfer to a van going to Mulanay, please tell the conductor to drop you off to St. Peter The Apostles Parish (Php200-2hours). From there you can just walk to  the beach for about 5 minutes.

Bus Companies plying to Quezon Province

  1. Jam Transit (
  2. Jac Liner (
  3. Lucena Lines (927-4745)

Processed with VSCOcam


If you have the same escapade, share it on the comment section. 


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