Lobo: A Perfect Pebble Beach

This was actually an unplanned trip, I just woke one Saturday morning and decided to go on a mission to uncover the hidden charm of Lobo!

Lobo is located at the southern tip of Batangas and sitting next to San Juan. It is a 4-hour travel from Cubao. Honestly, going there was really a test for me. The normal roads heading to Lobo were rerouted because they were under construction. The directions I followed based online and blogs were suddenly changed. Thanks to the locals for the help and guidance, without them I might have landed to a different province! (hahaha)


P E B B L Y     B E A C H

If you are a fan of powdery sand, this place is not for you unless you wanna try something new. Beaches in Lobo are known for having shorelines well filled of pebbles! This was my first time to visit a pebbly beach and I liked it! It feels good lying down on those grey pebbles most especially during a fair weather or when the sun is hiding behind the clouds. You just feel the temperature of those smooth stones touching your skin, it makes you feel relaxed and relieved.

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It was already 2:30 P.M. when I reached Barangay Malabrigo and all I did the whole afternoon was to stroll and enjoy the beach; and stumble on some rock formations by the coastline!  I was really amazed how Lobo offers a stunning clear water!

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S U N R I S E     A T     M A L A B R I G O     L I G H T H O U S E

Aside from the pebbly beach, you could also enjoy the scenic view of Punta Malabrigo Lighthouse which is only few meters away to the left border of the resort where I stayed. Proclaimed as National Historical Landmark last November 7, 2006, this lighthouse served as the warning light to the ships at Verde Island passage.

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At precisely 6:00 A.M., I woke up and learned my way up there. You would never regret arising and walking that early because the sunrise behind this lighthouse is quite remarkable! You would also catch a nice broad view of the beach at the cliff.

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S U N S E T     AT     M O U N T     B A N O I

While waiting for the sun to descend behind Mount Banoi, stone balancing would be a great pastime which also I think a compulsory here in Lobo. (hahaha)

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B E A C H     H O P P I N G

There are 2 more beaches near the resort which are easily accessible by boat. I hired Kuya Luis to give me a beach hop to maximize my visit and also to track down the other lovely beaches Lobo. Originally, the rate is Php1000 but he gave it to me for only Php800, I lost his number but he is always at the beach standing by. You could also ask Ms. Emily (the staff at the resort) about him. This island hopping would last for about 2 to 3 hours.

 Simbahang Bato

Our first beach he called it Simbahang Bato which he couldn’t remember the origin of the name. He just recalled his father and the rest of the Lobo community call it that way.

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This beach stretches for roughly 50 meters long and it possesses a white pebbly shoreline. There are white Limestone formations which become the wall of the beach! The shoreline revealed some black pebbles which blended perfectly with the white. Rock formations are also scattered around the area. This tiny spot of Lobo is certainly beautiful!

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Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

Malagundi Beach

When Terminus, God of Stone dispersed a huge amount of pebbles, Lobo was undoubtedly in front of the line. Some of these pebbles were scattered in Malagundi Beach. Its long shoreline unveils impeccable layers of grey stones. It also has an outstanding emerald clear water which is perfect for wading and swimming! You will have a nice backdrop of mountains that is ideal for capturing moments of yourself! (hahaha)

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Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset

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Where did I stay?

I lodged in Punta Malabrigo Beach Resort. There’s an entrance fee of Php75 if you are staying overnight and Php100 for day-trippers.

  1. Cottage good for 10 pax –  Php1000
  2. Cottage good for 15-30 pax – Php1500
  3. Rooms are ranging from Php1200 to Php4500 per night depending on the number of guests.

I was alone when I got there, Ms. Emely gave me a discounted rate of Php1000 for the kubo with fan. You may contact her at this number 09165588487 and 09097829630 for inquiries. There are sari-sari stores within the area but Ms. Emely still recommends to bring your own food.

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How to get here?

Ride a bus from Cubao going to Batangas (Php170), kindly tell the conductor to drop you of to Grand Terminal. Ride a jeep heading to Batangas Alangilan (Php8), then alight to D.Silang Street and transfer to another jeep plying to SM Batangas (Php8). From there ride a jeep going to Lobo (Php60), please tell the driver to drop you off to Lobo Jeep Terminal. Finally, rent a trike going to Punta Malabrigo Beach Resort (Php22 but if you’re alone it’s roughly Php100 to Php150)


If you have the same escapade, share it on the comment section.










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