4 Falling St★rs of Bulalacao

Bulalacao is a third class municipality of Oriental Mindoro and it has a lot to offer when it comes to pristine beaches and islands that’s why island hopping is must. Your visit here won’t be the same if you don’t give this a shot!

A rule of thumb, don’t forget your powerbank and extra memory card, (hahaha) also your sunblock and the big bottle of water because this would last for about 3 to 4 hours and might take longer if you fall in love with these lovely islands!

Tambaron Island

This would probably be the first stop coming from Bulalacao pier. This island grasps several stunning coastlines reflecting the deep emerald water. You may check my post “Emerald Paradise in Tambaron” for details and photos. I and my brother stayed here overnight and we absolutely enjoyed our visit. White pebbly sand and mountain trails are just some of the wow factors you would surely adore about Tambaron Island.

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO


Target Island

The only island I encountered where walkways are cemented. Our tour guide told us this is a private island and if I’m not mistaken we paid Php50 per person for the visit. It seemed no one was there during our stopover so we just left the payment in front of the rest house’s gate.

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There is an area in this island wherein you can hike. I was so glad we did because the sceneries were so spectacular even though the trail was a bit obscure that made our way out longer. But before we hiked we met a shallow creek which was a very good area to wade your feet. ツ

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

Beaches here are composed of clear body of water and white rocky shoreline, it gives you the impression of walking on a place of peace and tranquility! The wind was calm during our walks here I thought it would be a great spot to reflect and meditate. (hahaha)

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Silad Island

Our third destination! Superb clear water that’s all I wanna say! We really took time to dip here and swim. If only we had more hours left, we could stay here longer! (hahaha) One thing I noticed about the three islands we visited, most of their beaches are comprised of either white rocks or pebbles. Silad Island has a rad shoreline of smooth white pebbles which is a good point to be your sleeping floor for sunbathing.

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO


Aslom Island

This is the only island we busted in which bears white powdery sand! It also has a pretty weird island tip which resembling to a sickle which I really like. We also went swimming here and this was where I lost my sun glasses. ☹

Processed with VSCO

Processed with VSCO

This island hopping originally costs Php4500 that is good for 8 people but since we were only two, we got a discounted rate of Php2500. Somehow it’s still pricey but you try your charisma in haggling the best rate! You may contact Kuya Armin through this number 09480348887. We totally enjoyed our tour and we are very glad we met the falling stars of Bulalacao!


If you have the same adventure, share it on the comment section.




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