Meet Magalawa Island

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Drawing closer to Magalawa Island

Thanks to my iPod for cheering me up from this 7-hour trip. I made it here around 1:00 P.M. and due to weariness I decided to munch and recharge for a couple of minutes before I explore the island. So I went inside the tent and made an effort to catnap. I was seriously worried about waking up very late and miss the sunset. I tried my best to sleep but I couldn’t so I just stared at the semi-white shoreline while I strived to bag my energy back.

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De-stressing inside the tent after a long travel

After few minutes, I grabbed my camera and escaped from that dark green tent. I let the beach sand dirty my veiny feet and then I began my first strolling!

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Golden rock lingers on the coast
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Somebody cares about big green boat!
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Late afternoon scene at Magawala Island

I tailed the direction of the sun until I reached the right most scene of this beach. From afar I spotted some young mangroves sprouting and silhouetting behind the yellow-gold horizon. Breathtaking sunset! Really! Its reflection on the water seemed like a chorale of wavelets singing without any sound.

On my way back, I met some dogs sleeping on the sand bed, young locals still playing under the gloomy sky and pitted boats parked on the shore. The calm sea mimicked the period of the day as it waved hello to the night.

The lamp post over my tent served as the closest moon that illumined my area. I did my last munch and I called it a night.

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I was searching for the sunset and I thought I needed to walk further
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Goodbye sun, see you tomorrow
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I suddenly remember Low Roar
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Freedom from a disturbance

The low tide hollered “Good morning!” as I woke up around 5:45 A.M. to make sure I would meet Mr. Sunrise. I also heard a girl 10 meters away from my tent shouting “Wake up!” to her friends just to experience the handsome daybreak. I unzipped the net, peeped over the window and it looked like the dawn was waiting for me to come out.

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Hi Dawn!
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Few moments before sunrise

I didn’t waste any time even though my back was in a little cramp due to hard-uneven sand bed (hahaha). I promptly wore my trilby hat (just to decorate myself aha) and set off again. I strode to the right coastline of Magalawa and came across to the radiant views of the island. At first, I thought the sunrise was at the other side but as I marched further the sun came into view and  said “Hello! Is it me you’re looking for?”

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2015-11-03 06.46.12
Good morning sunrise!

I love beaches more in the morning. Everything seemed to be ready for a photo shoot. Sea grass, mangroves and sea stars are big shots on this island.

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Kelps and other water plants line up on the seashore
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Bed of sea grass
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Young and bright mangroves look excited to grow up

2015-12-25 06.47.10 1.jpg

When sun hits its top, the sand looks fairer and it glitters like crushed ice.

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At 9:00 A.M. I headed to San Salvador for an island hopping. This island is just opposite of Magalawa and very perceivable from the shore. Please check my post “Where Is San Salvador?” for details and more photos.

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Bacala beach house in San Salvador Island

Zambales owns an adequate number of gorgeous beaches, some are very well-known and even closer to Metro Manila. But Magalawa Island is special yet beautiful. It offers vacation that is still and relaxing. It might not be the best-loved beach which means it is not jam-packed, you would surely enjoy the real taste of the unspoiled coast.

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How did I get here?

  1. Ride a Victory Liner bus in Cubao going to Iba, Zambales (Php360) then alight to Iba Bus Terminal. Transfer to a bus going to Sta.Cruz, Zambales (Php50) then ask the conductor to drop you off to Radio Veritas Road. Ride a trike going to Luan Port (Php200). Rent a boat going to Magalawa Island (Php100, my contact is Mang Mulo 09294670505).
  2. Direct trip to Sta.Cruz is available in Caloocan (Victory Liner Php370).
  3. Check their terminals and contacts at

If you have the same escapade share it on the comment section.





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